LPPM UMB Yogya Selenggarakan Seminar “Meet The World”

Yogyakarta (4/7) Mercu Buana University of Yogyakarta is one of the college inIndonesiathat concern in agricultural development, especially to overcome serious problems facing farmer today. Increasing of agricultural import products (food) were estimated responsible for the reduction of the farmer’s welfare inIndonesia. It is questionable the role of government to protect and make farmers as the host in their own country.

Based on this condition, it’s important to learn from other countries about their agricultural handling and government policy to protect and promote their farmer. This comparative study can be used as a reference for the agricultural policy design alternative that can bring farmer’s prosperity.

In order that, Research and Community Service Institutions Mercu Buana University of Yogyakarta was hold Seminar named as Meet the World on July 5th, 2012. Seminar conduct theme “Lesson Learned from Sweden and India” with Guest Speakers Mrs Helena Bernland from Sweden and Mr Raja Makendran Nandan from India. Seminar hold in Ruang Sidang Rektorat Lt 2, Mercu Buana University of Yogyakarta, Jl. Wates Km 10,Yogyakarta. The target of Seminar is attended by 50 participants, consist of the lecturers and students of the Mercu Buana University of Yogyakarta.\

Swedia andIndiaas the countries that very concern on protection and promotion of domestic agricultural sector. This condition will be the focus of the comparatice study on this first seminar series. The valuable information from the Swedia andIndiagovernment about the agricultural policy is expected to be the inspiration for the agricultural development inIndonesiathrough the  contribution of higher education.

The purposes of Seminar was also to make link or interconnection between Mercu Buana University of Yogyakarta and abroad institution that concern in agriculture and its farmers, and to build an academic culture of the lecturers and students based on the mastery of the science issues and soft-skill of foreign language (English). (Awan Santosa, SE., M.Sc)

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